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Birthplace of Helsinki. Vanhankaupunginselkä is a bay area in the east of Helsinki. The city of Helsinki was orginally founded in the area 1550’s. The new city was ment to compete with Tallinn on the opposite bank of the Gulf of Finland for Russian trade. The bay area has remained relatively untouched ever sence but today area is undergoing major changes in its landscape. This project explores the relationship that the people have with the landscape and ultimately, what will lie ahead for this part of Helsinki.
...Coming 2021
Longest Village, 91560 Vilukylä 

...coming in 2021 
Selection of images from the Uusimaa project, (new land) named after the province these images were taken in. Personalized search for a place as much as it is a documentation of an area I live. The artwork have been featured worldwide in galleries and other public places.
If you're an art lover who likes photos on the wall. Let's make a print for you. Prices for these artworks varies between 300 to 1600 euros. All the images have edition for 10.
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