2107 Film
Comin soon
2905 personal work
Once a year in May I photograph this street corner. A long-term project that has now lasted 4 years. This time the dachshund walked into the picture. Corner, 2021
1504 Film
process M
0104 Film
Suomen Luontopaneeli
1003 personal work
snow blizzard 
2802 personal work
1802 Film
Vallilan Brewery, Helsinki. 
0701 brand images
for Torino
1611 poster
Ho Ri Zon - premiere 30.11.2020 / Uniarts Helsinki
1211 left
personal work
0211 november
personal work
3010 brand images
for Kela
1310 Film
Nick Vertigans
0110 portraits
selected portraits for Sympa
2209 vallila
Nilsiänkatu 10 Helsinki
0409 kruunu
Brand images for Vallilan Panimo
2508 project
Old Towns Back
1008 event
Flyers for No Festival
0708 event
Pop Up Kino Helsinki
1507 ad
Brand images for Arla Foods.
1007 event
The drive-in film screenings were organized by the Pop Up Kino Helsinki in collaboration with the Flight Parking and City of Vantaa / Culture.
2705 commercial
Brand images for local brewery, Vallilan Panimo
0805 documentary
Poikkeustila 2020 ( state of emergency ) photo project.​​​​​​​ - Mass Isolation
2004 vallila
Roof beers - Katu, Vallila 
0504 documentary
Poikkeustila 2020 ( state of emergency ) photo project.​​​​​​​ - Parking ticket. Some things are impossible to do remotely from home.
0104 documentary
Poikkeustila 2020 ( state of emergency ) photo project. - Music producer Deezi inspects the fridge. The studio is quiet, precautions have stopped music productions temporarily.
3003 documentary
Poikkeustila 2020 ( state of emergency ) photo project. - Isolation is a bad thing for everyone, but especially for the elderly and disadvantaged who experience loneliness anyway. This picture is not very different from the others. This view is pretty easy to create any day. What made it different for me was the time he spent looking at cranes that remained motionless. 
2403 art
Artist Jaakko Mattila @jamattil "I loose sense of time and place when immersed into painting".
1903 documentary
I'm taking a part to Poikkeustila 2020 ( state of emergency ) photo project with the participation of 160 photographers in Finland. This was the first image I took for the project.
1003 sport
The V style has been the most significant change in the history of ski jumping styles. It was developed in the late 1980s by Jan Boklöv from Sweden. The legendary ski jumper Matti Nykänen called the style as "Barn Swallows".
2502 travel
Traveling from Bangkok. One couldn't help notice how the epidemic traveled with us, or at least awareness of it.  The mask itself is a pretty ordinary outfit these days, but still really weird to me at least. Lady with the shoes had also a mask, she tapped the floor in rhythm, maybe it calmed her mind.
2302 a boy
How cool it is to find the treasures brought by the tide. Small clams, rocks, fish bones and so on, everything is worth discovering
1702 route 4169
Images from the Koh Samui's main road.  It orbits the entire island, touching the shoreline every now and then.  For some, it is just a journey home, to work, or a passing dream from one place to another.  For me it was a sight, an experience unforgettable.  Especially at night when the roads are quiet.
0802 suisto
Local forest in Koskela, Helsinki
0102 vallilan panimo
Brand images for local brewery in Vallila, Helsinki.
3001 peugeot 205
One of the most iconic cars of our era. It looked like it had been left behind, but a few days later it disappeared.
1001 paranormal studios
 Workplace is one of the most important social spaces other than the home, constituting "a central concept for several entities: the worker and his/her family, the employing organization, the customers of the organization, and the society as a whole"
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