06.06.2019 Lokomo #portrait

03.06.2019 Rossin

01.06.2019 Short video from Botanéa Content Lab.

29.05.2019 Portrait

09.05.2019 Volvo S90

09.04.2019 Brand images for Lumikko Technologies

15.03.2019 Old Towns Back. #Uusimaa

15.02.2019 Signed, packed and ready to go. #Uusimaa


02.01.2019 Haltiala #Uusimaa

11.11.2018 Inkå #Uusimaa

Collaborating with Open Doors Gallery, London.


28.10.2018 First gas powered Volvo FH LNG in Finland.

01.12.2017 Jätkäsaari #Uusimaa

Uusimaa -project plays two weeks in downtown L.A at 900 West Olympic Blvd


Exhibition in the Lenz International Photography Festival 2017, Manchester,Uk. 25th November - 10th December at the Great Northern M3 4EN. Well Come!


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